ETJ violins fit in most classic violin cases. They also accept all traditional chin rests and shoulder rests.

The octaved strings in the baritone version may require a slightly heavier violin bow depending of the playing technic of each one.


The special Wittner mechanical tuning pegs are very precise and easy to adjust, without friction. Very light weight and placed right under the hand as on a traditional violin.


The standard tuning from low to high is:

-4 string models: G D A E (same as 4/4 violin) or one octave lower for the baritone range model

-5 string models: C G D A E (low C of the viola + 4 strings of the violin 4/4) or one octave lower for the baritone full cello range model (low C of the cello)


The average weight of an ETJ violin is approximately between 470gr and 580gr , this weight may vary a little depending on the wood species chosen and the number of strings.
Weight distribution is focused on the rear to increase the feeling of lightness.