The ETJ electric violins are designed and made in a traditional way at my workshop located in the south of France, in Monteux.
I make models with 4 or 5 strings, in standard violin range or in baritone version with octaved strings to enjoy the tessitura and timbre of the cello while keeping the ease of play of a classical violin.


 Their organic and very light designed violin body produces a natural sound, rich in harmonics, highlighting the warm vibrations of highly resonant woods. The solid carved body is conceived to increase the dynamic of sound vibration that's why all the nuances of traditional violin playing are easy to express.

The use of electric effects is enriched with a precise and warm dynamic sound without feedback problems.


The tuning of the strings is done with Wittner mechanical pegs which have a traditional appearance of the outside, are very light and they allow to have a fine adjustment directly under the hand.