2024 Prices


The basic ETJ electric violin model includes:


- High quality maple body

- Neck trough construction with a thin central reinforcement

- Ebony fingerboard.

- KNA pickup with a high quality acoustic style maple bridge, excellent for clean tones and works beautifully with ambient effects and overdriven sounds.

- Passive electronics with a volume knob placed discretely under the body.

- Wittner fine tuning pegs, ultra lightweight with a traditionnel look and feel but with a internal mechanical fine tuning system.

- Thomastik Vision string set

- Chinrest and case offered.



4 strings - GDAE : 3800 €

5 strings - CGDAE : 4250 €

6 strings - FCGDAE : 4750 €

7 strings - BbFCGDAE : 5350 €


Options :


-Octaved string option ( only for 4 and 5 strings ) : 200 €


-Ghost frets, engraved markers into the fingerboard up the octave, helping the finger placement without loose of tone and enabling to correct the intonation as on a regular violin: 250 €


-Starfish bridge pickup option, excellent for high gain effects and more distorted tones : 350€


Possibility of choosing different types of woods for the body with an extra cost from 100 € to 1500 €, depending the availability, aesthetic and sound quality:

- padauk

- rare two-tone padauk

- flamed walnut

- flamed maple

- flamed ash

- wenge

- purpleheart

- black limba

- ziricote

- other species on request

...Contact me for more infos on this option.


On custom order, the manufacturing delay is around 4 to 6 months from the payment of a deposit of 20%.

In case of sending, the shipping costs are to be defined.


The average weight of an ETJ violin is approximately between 470gr and 600gr , this weight may vary a little depending on the wood species chosen and the number of strings.

Weight distribution is focused on the rear to increase the feeling of lightness.