Antoine MARHEM - endorsed artist , plays a 5 string ETJ electric violin, padauk model


"The discovery of the violin made by Eric Thomas Jacquin was a real relief in my approach to the amplified violin. For some years I have played and tried a about ten different models (from luthier violin to factory production) without ever finding an instrument that comes close to what I was looking for. A balance between a pleasant touch and weight facilitating the technical approach of his playing and a sound close to that which I appreciate on his acoustic violin. The quality of the sound of the instrument, its aesthetics and its finesse of violin making coupled with the playing comfort make the ETJ a comrade I now play systematically on the amplified stages. Whether through the beauty of natural sound of the instrument or by the possibility of working on the sound and the texture, of adding multitude of effects, the versatility of the ETJ is undeniable and will delight any violinist."


Antoine began the violin at the age of five then the viola in music school. His desire to escape very quickly led him to put his classical training at the service current music, popular music and improvised music.


After several trips to Eastern Europe, he fell in love with music traditions of these countries. Since 2009, he has worked with companies in the North of France (la Cie In Illo Tempore which he created with other musicians and which he coordinates, the Cie du Tire-laine, the Muzzix collective, the Elephant in the Boa...). He cut his teeth with gypsy jazz and song groups (Belvédère, La Veuve Clinquante, le Bal des Coquelicots), music groups from Eastern Europe (Dor, Zaraf Guili), from fusion (Asa-i-Viata , Nomadic Violins with Indian violinist Rupam Ghosh, A&a with percussionist Antoine Morineau) and improvisation (3+Une with Timothée Couteau on cello and Yosra Mojtahedi in live painting) He has also worked with circus and street art companies (Cirq’O’Vent, les Romain-Michel, la Boussole...) and staged storytelling shows musical (with Thierry Moral). In 2017, in duet with Jonathan Bois on the accordion, he created Histoire d'Eux in order to highlight their compositional work in an intimate and poetic. For 2023, they are currently working on their album with guests Timothée Couteau and Loïc Lantoine in words and poetry.


In 2020, he joined the Taraf Dékalé team, the flagship group of the Cie du Tire- Laine, a band like there are less and less of on stage: a real orchestra of 11 energized musicians, revealing their world music. Like its leader, Yann Deneque, a virtuoso saxophonist who embodies everything that the Tire-Laine has most to offer: raw madness, skin-deep emotion and visceral need to share. ( For 2023-2024, he will join the Ballet du Nord – CCN team on the creation of the show Le Banquet des Merveilles by choreographer Sylvain Groud. At the same time, he perfected his musical and instrumental technique during many trips in France and abroad (Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Albania, Romania, India...). Perpetuating the principle of oral transmission is emblematic of his vision of music. No matter the style, she must stay alive, popular and accessible, centered on sharing.


"I am a professional violinist and violist, I play acoustic and electric instruments. The discovery of the fantastic universe of electric instruments was made thanks to my long-time friend Eric Jacquin, with whom I started a fascinating collaboration by actively participating in the development of his superb violins, which you can admire here on this site.

Classically trained, I devoted myself with passion to orchestral work while loving music in all its diversity which led me to approach different musical genres, multiplying collaborations with many artists from various universes: folk , rock, jazz, French song, pop, world and medieval music. Of Romanian origin, I am very fond of the music of the Balkans and we founded with Eric Jacquin (who is also an accordionist and multi-instrumentalist) the group KALYNDA, in the desire to introduce the public to the songs and music that rocked my childhood. In 2019 a new project was born, resulting from my meeting with the singer Mathilde Limal. "


Ben KARAS - endorsed artist , plays a 5 string ETJ electric violin, flamed maple model
Ben Karas is a classically trained violinist and professional audio engineer driven by his passion for heavy music. A versatile musician, Ben has expertly played both acoustic and electric violin in a career that spans genres, including orchestral and classical chamber music as well as fusion rock and metal. Throughout his career, Ben’s projects have toured internationally, sharing the stage with such musical acts as Devin Townsend, Coheed and Cambria, Ike Willis, Bumblefoot, Periphery, Tombs, Haken, Evoken, and Dead Congregation.


Ben loves to create unconventional, unique music. He began pushing boundaries in 2010, when he became an active member of the folkloric black metal band Windfaerer, and evolved his sound even further after joining the fusion rock band Thank You Scientist in 2013. In that time, Thank You Scientist has toured in the United States and internationally, both as a headliner and as a supporting band for major acts.


His unique ear, expert musical training, and keen sense for not just his sound, but the right sound, naturally led him to the world of audio engineering. In 2018, Ben joined forces with professional engineer Bobby Torres, recording metal, rock, and hardcore bands at Frightbox Recording in Passaic, New Jersey. Ben’s nuanced, thoughtful ideas, as well as his engineering know-how, elevate the quality and artistry of any production.


In 2020, Ben launched Frost Gauntlet Recording ( ) to better serve his clients with string session work, arrangements, compositions, recording & engineering services, and full production capabilities.


Ben earned his B.A. in violin performance from Montclair State University in 2013, studying under violin virtuoso Boris Kucharsky. With a strong upbringing in classical violin, he rounded out his violin skills and shaped his unique musical voice post-graduation by studying a multitude of musical genres and experimenting further with electric violin.

Antoine BEUX "Tony Bird"  - plays a ETJ 5 strings barytone electric violin


"ETJ Violins have been a big discovery for me. They offer some very interesting possibilities such as a wonderful, warm and realistic acoustic sound and they also do an amazing job for extreme music like hardcore/metal. I love their polyvalence! Completely rockin’!!"       Antoine “Tony Bird” Beux







 Andrew GORMAN - plays a ETJ 5 strings barytone electric violin


Andrew is a very talented "Mathmusician, Educator and Composer" and plays a beautiful ETJ 5 string baritone electric violin.